Frequently Asked Questions

The Auschwitz Birkenau tour lasts approximately 7 hours, with short 15 minute breaks. Due to these brief pauses, purchasing food and drinks may not always be possible. Our drivers try to make a short stop on the way to Auschwitz where you can buy food and drinks, but it depends on road conditions.

We recommend bringing your own towel and flip-flops. If you forget them, you can rent a towel for an
additional fee—just inform your driver. There is also a sports shop on-site where you can purchase flip-flops or swimwear.

Yes, there is usually free WIFI available on the bus. You can also charge your phone. If you forget your charging cable, feel free to ask the driver for assistance.

Yes, we offer the option to combine our services. Check the “Tours & Activities” section for our full range.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

Every participant undergoes training at the shooting range. Additionally, you’ll shoot under the supervision
of an instructor who ensures safety and an enjoyable experience.

We encourage you to bring warm winter clothing. If your attire is not suitable, bring a change of clothes. We provide the necessary equipment on-site: skis, poles, boots, helmet, and goggles.